Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Pavement, Devo, Ween

band members

Paul Toxic, Craig Toxic, Rob Toxic


Pavement, Devo, Ween


Forming in Melbourne, 2001, Look Who’s Toxic have earned a reputation for their raucous, unpredictable, confusing and sometimes beer-drenched shows. Craig and Rob met amongst the chaos and bloodshed of their respective Computer Science course in 1997. A mutual respect of each other's computer programming abilities soon flourished into a respect for each others' music. Craig had been long tinkering with electronic music on his old 486 PC and Rob was a frustrated bedroom guitarist with no single direction. They decided to form a band and the name Look Who's Toxic was quickly chosen, in ode of a 1990 film of the same name. Since 2002 they've released 3 EPs and 1 LP, have appeared on various shows on RRR and PBS, and have played regularly in most of Melbourne’s rock, punk and indie based venues.