Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

black sabbath, Mars Volta, Kyuss

band members

Lachlan Paine - Bass, Clinton Paine - Drums, Marcus De Pasquale - Guitars and Vo


Cathedral, black sabbath, Deep Purple


Looking Glass have earned a steady following, entertaining fans with their high energy live shows. Thundering drums and loud guitars make up a great deal of the Looking Glass sound, with both guitar and bass solos being a primary ingredient in the live show. To think of similarities with other groups brings one down the vein of early 70’s sounding English rock bands. The influence from bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and St. Vitus can be heard at times, with Looking Glass’s own ‘uber loud’ sound having been compared with ‘stoner rock’ bands such as Kyuss or Cathedral. The track 'Levitate' is from 2006, with a second album released in 2008, and a new one being released in 2011. “Fans of Wolfmother looking for something harder get ready – this is power trio gold. One of the best things I’ve heard all year by a long shot.” – BMA Album of the Month Dec 2006