Artist info


Punk, Indie

Sounds like

Bleeding Knees Club, FIDLAR, DUNE RATS

band members

Will Veale - guitar and filth vox, Ezra Ronchi-Banay - Drums, Jimmy Moignard - Lead Guitar, Dylan Holt - Bass and cleanish Vox.


Bleeding Knees Club, violent fems, DUNE RATS


Lords on Boards are the new kids on the block from down town, Mornington peninsula. The band is sweeping young, heart throbbing, teenage girls off there feet with there debut hit single "She's not my girl". The track was such a hit that received over 1000 play in the first 5 days of being released! Although the band has played plenty of house shows for the fans, it's not all about the fast cars and money for them. they do it for the love of performing to their fans and still to this day have not ask for a cent to play a gig! the band plans to release another single in the near future and also a 4 track EP. So stay tuned with the Lords on Boards because there are bigger things to come for this 4 piece band from the Mornington peninsula, Victoria, Australia!