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Rock, Roots

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Ozomatli, Watussi, LABJACD

band members

Jason Peters (drums), Corey Booth (Trumpet), Francisco Meza (Percussion), Alec Coulson (Bass), Joe Taylor (Sax + Flute + Clarinet), Beimar "Andy" Jauregui (Vocal and Rhythm guitar), Matthew Lustri (Guitar), Antonio Cubano (Trumpet)


King Chango, Orishas, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs



An 8-piece explosion of Latin reggae energy, Los Chavos channel the festival sounds and urban rhythms of Latin America to sway hips from Canberra to Colombia. Fronted by Andy Jauregui, from Cochabamba, Bolivia, and backed by seasoned musicians from Australia and South America. Los Chavos have been moving crowds for over 6 years in Canberra and the festival circuit. Honing their craft with the sweaty crowds at the National Multicultural Festival, Floriade and many other smaller clubs and venues, the band released their debut EP in 2008, a tight testament to their live sound and their unique vision. Los Chavos have spent the last year working on their debut LP "SUPERMENG", a significant development and evolution of their live performances. The album showcases signature energy coupled with complex arrangements and a large variety of rhythms - but never straying too far from their ska/reggae roots. Romantic ballads are given a ska/cumbia twist and hard-hitting merengue horns are mixed with calypso-hiphop. Having gestated in the nations capital and developed a large following of ex-pat Latin Americans, Jazz and funk aficionados and music lovers young and old, Los Chavos are ready to take their sounds to a wider audience and cut their teeth around Australia.


Review by Nkechi Anele Nkechi Anele

20 Apr 2018

Triple J

Don't let the intro trick you, this is a pretty fun song.

Don't let the intro trick you, this is a pretty fun song.