Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Queens of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, Grinspoon

band members

Neal Grzadka - Guitar/Vocals, Nak O'Brien - Drum, Tom Flannery - Bass, Ryan McKeown - Vocals


You Am I, Drop Kick Murphys, At The Drive In



Loud So Clear are an aussie rock band hailing from the nation's capital. With a goal of crooning like QOTSA and bluesing like the Black Keys, the LSC sound is loud, energetic and unmistakingly rock. Fans often describe LSC as 90's Seatle for the modern age, however dig a little deeper and you will find a unique and original sound that is varied in style and approach but never compromising on energy. It is, after all, this energy that the LSC machine thrives on. A project that started in 2008 by long time collaborators, Nak and Neal, LSC has since gained a small but solid reputation that is spear headed by their energetic live show. The last few years have been spent gigging in and out of Canberra, recording an EP, participating in the live compilation project HARD ACT and even sharing the stage with long-time musical hero Jamie Hutchinson (also of Blue Bottle Kiss fame).

LSC were back to the studio in 2015/2016 for the first time since the release of their self-title EP and have put out an EP tracks that demonstrate their new tricks of the trade that now dominates their live sets. The new EP is titled 'Kill Your Darlings', a metaphor for the collective writers block that was beginning to take hold of the band that could only be over-come by purging our material in the way of recording and releasing the EP. Kill Your Darlings represents the present as well as the future for LSC, as it allows the band the explore new territory without the fear of losing some old favourites. ​

Nak - Drums, Neal - Guitar, Tom - Bass, Ryan - Vox