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Dance, Electronic, Indie, Pop, Roots

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Loui Battour - Vocals / Guitar / Keys / Percussion


Fat Freddy's Drop, Katchafire, Jacob Collier, FKJ, Bonobo


Loui Battour has performed with bands, trios, duos and as a soloist in a range of styles including Funk, Reggae, Blues, Rock & Experimental Electronic.

Fascinated with music from an early age - he took up singing, guitar, drums and piano, basically anything he could get his hands on. And later discovering his love for electronic music, he now produces his own electronic dance music under the alias GOOf.

Loui plays for his undeniable, ever-lasting love and passion for music, always learning, pushing boundaries and experimenting constantly.
Loui's live show is an eclectic mix of sounds - showcasing everything from popular acoustic covers to funk driven electronic grooves, he has a sound for any time - day or night.