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Indie, Rock


blues Rock Soul

band members

Louise Adams - vocals, guitar Michael Fitzpatrick - double bass Tom Collins - lead guitar Simon Fennell - drummer

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Forming in mid 2010, Louise and the Tornados kicked off their live shows at the 2011 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Selling out their shows, the energetic blues/rock/soul quartet features electric guitar, double bass, drums, acoustic guitar and vocals and were the recipients of a Special Commendation at the Fringe Awards for best music act. Louise Adams' powerful voice has been compared to the likes of Florence Welch (from Florence and the Machine) and matches well with the Rockabilly licks of lead guitarist Tom Collins with the Rhythm section filling the final half of this quartet, consisting of Michael Fitzpatrick on double bass and drummer Simon Fennell adding their musical flair. Louise and the Tornados are quickly gaining a dedicated following after playing a range of local shows as well as Melbourne and Adelaide, before packed crowds. Keep an eye out for this group with it's original and unique sound.