Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Kills, Eagles of Death Metal

band members

Pierina O'Brien - Vocals, Jamie McLean - Bass/Vocals, Hamish McLean - Guitar/Vocals, Derek Anderson - Drums/Vocals


The Kills, Eagles of Death Metal, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


The Love Bombs are collaboration of two Melbourne bands, two piece The Council and all girl band Bunny Monroe. Drawing from an eclectic mix of influences, combining multiple genres such as rock, punk, indy and at times blues The Love Bombs have a fiery sound that has rocked many of Melbourne’s music venues. Coming together in early 2013, The Love Bombs started working on songs like Pussavere. Pussavere has a stripped back guitar sound, solid rhythm and punchy monotone vocals. The lyrics were written as a homage to Miss Guy, the lead singer 90’s New York rock band the Toilet Boys. Although some of their newer songs incorporate a bigger sound, such as the loud punk tones of Pretty Obscene, Sleaze and the Slime and Hell or High Water. Or straight up rock songs like Move On (all available on their soon to be released debut demo). You’ll always hear elements of The Love Bombs formative style that is prevalent in Pussavere. The Love Bombs launched with their first gig at the Tote, Cobra Bar on the 27th July 2013. Since then, The Love Bombs have continued to carve a place for themselves. Securing a Wednesday residency at Melbourne’s infamous Cherry Bar, within three months of their first performance. The Love Bombs are currently working on the release of their debut demo which will be available mid 2014.