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Rock, Metal

Sounds like

KISS, Van Halen, Electric Six

band members

Nick Robinson - Lead Guitar, Vinnie Dynamo - Lead Vocals, "Sexy" Phil - Lead Bass, Mick Gallo - Lead Drums


The Darkness, Michael Bolton, AC/DC

Unearthed artists we like

East End Villains , Console Warriors , De La Cruz


Love Cream come from the cosy eastern-suburbs of Adelaide and into your ears. Love Cream are a four-piece hard rock band, with deep roots in 70s and 80s classic rock. They maintain a strong emphasis on live performance and stand for good songwriting, epic riffery and attractive ladies when they leave the table, because that's just gentlemanly. 2012 proved to be a fruitful year for the 'Cream. In February they played the Adelaide Big Day Out to much acclaim. They spent the better part of the year building a name for themselves and spraying their love on audiences across Adelaide. November yielded much success, with the band journeying to the Gold Coast to record their yet-to-be-released E.P. as well as taking out the top spot at the inaugural Adelaide's Next Superstar competition held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre which saw them win a $20,000 recording prize. With 2013 drawing to a close, Love Cream are set to release their full-length debut album "First Taste" on December 20th Ladies & Gentlemen, prepare to be Creamed http:// "I'll never look at Aerosmith or pineapple juice in the same way again" - Spoz's Rant "For sheer catchiness ‘Spend the Night Together’ is one of the best singles we’ve heard this year" - The Rockpit



07 Nov 2013





Devils Cro...

25 Feb 2013


Holy fuck. Love ...

Holy fuck. Love Cream are exactly what we need right now, nearly everyone in this day and age are too shy and too much of a bunch fucking pussies to ask for what they want. Here LoveCream are yelling "I wanna be your backdoor lover!". Fuck I wish I could just yell that out to everyone, its on my mind all the god damn time. Will's voice is something totally unique like if Paul Stanley had a baby with David Lee Roth, and Nick just fucking wails on the guitar, which makes sense because the dudes been a guitar hero since like age 7. Wooooooooooooaaahhhhh! Take a ride on this Love Train because you wont come back disappointed... just sore.

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Sky White

13 Feb 2013


I first saw Love...

I first saw Love Cream live when they won first place at a battle of the bands. For my year 12 graduation, my school hired them as the main band, they were really great, everyone seemed to like them, young and old. I saw LoveCream again live at the Big Day Out, they really rocked the stage. I don't really like rock music, but Love Cream is an exception. I think that everyone should listen to LoveCream a few times, and at least see them live before fully judging them. At first I wasn't sure if i really liked the sound of their music, but now I can say I am a fan.

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