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Indie, Pop

band members

Kassie Sofia - vocals, synth, beats Emma Walton - vocals, guitar, synth


Beach House, Warpaint, #1 Dads, Portishead, Massive Attack, Big Scary

Unearthed artists we like

pool shop, FOREVR, Yuuca, Major Leagues, WHALEHOUSE



Brisbane dream-pop duo Low Dive has experienced a successful eight months since starting their band and are sure to build upon that hard work to date with the release of their debut single 'Common People' and a very special show at The Foundry Thursday 29 June with support from Pool Shop and McKisko.

With one foot in the sonic worlds of Warpaint, Big Scary and Beach House, Kass and Emma are Brisbane's newest purveyors of transcendent melodies, walls of synths, lo-fi drum loops and trickling electric guitar. Expect dark and lush soundscapes when you click play and songwriting that's surprisingly sophisticated, despite the venture being well in its infancy.

They played their first live show at The Zoo mid-last year and quickly plunged straight onto an impressive array of local lineups including 4ZZZ's Happyfest and The End of The Line Festival where they rubbed shoulders with the likes of Good Boy, Fraser A. Gorman, Totally Mild and Teeth & Tongue.

Low Dive bounced into 2017 with more local shows, their first interstate shows in Melbourne and a support for Jade Imagine's EP launch. This brings the story up to right here and now which marks the two-piece's first offering of recorded music to the world, the first single from an upcoming EP which they tease will be out by 2017's end. 'Common People' was recorded, mixed and mastered with local producer Rose Parker and the accompanying video (coming soon), depicts a day in the life of the pair, was produced and directed by Steefan Van Jaarsveld over a weekend. The effortless track and appropriately nostalgic video are just a first taste of the captivating melancholy Low Dive have to offer.