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Rock, Roots

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Jack Parker - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar Sam Rogers - Vocals/Rhythm and Lead Guitar BB Hart - Rhythm & Lead Guitar/Vocals Jeffrey Bartels - Bass/Vocals Kyle Goldsworthy - Drums


Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters


The new album from Low Speed Bus Chase (L.S.B.C), "Breathe", has been hailed as their greatest work to date. Released in February 2013, “Breathe” offers the listener emotive stories set over great depths of melodic funk rock which showcase their collective pool of influence, knowledge and individual talents. Starting with a bang, they released “Breathe” at the 2013 National Multi-Cultural Festival in Canberra on the 8th of February and shared the stage with the likes of Kate Ceberano, Christine Anu and Sol Nation. L.S.B.C delivered a high energy, stage stomping performance that resonated in fans minds well after the show was through. At present, Low Speed Bus Chase are based in Melbourne and are focusing on upcoming gigs and a string of music videos to accompany the new album. Working and collaborating with Matt O’Connor of PMD Studios, Low Speed Bus Chase are going to add more videos to their YouTube repertoire and extend their reach to the online community that so gratefully appreciated the “West Melbourne Sessions” (A series of acoustic performances featuring new and old tracks). Check out the L.S.B.C YouTube channel to see them all. Looking back Low Speed Bus Chase have a healthy catalogue of work and the future is sure to be an exciting trip. Visit iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for all Low Speed Bus Chase music. These sites feature the 2009 LP “The Thrill of the Chase”, the 2011 EP “Off the Cuff" (featuring the single “Whiskey and Cigarettes”) and the 2013 LP “Breathe”. Low Speed Bus Chase looks forward to hearing from anyone with a shared interest and passion for live music. If you are looking to book gigs or you are a fan trying to make contact, you can always get a hold of Low Speed Bus Chase on their email You can like L.S.B.C's Facebook page ( for all the latest news and photos. You can also stream "Breathe" and "Off the Cuff" for free at



10 Jul 2013


Sweet ska/swing/rock feel.

Sweet ska/swing/rock feel.