Artist info


Hip Hop, Roots

Sounds like

The Herd, The Clash, sublime

band members

Dom - rhymes/percussion Kristian - guitar Chris a.k.a Mogwai - vocals/guitar Liam - bass Suggs - drums,


sublime, Sex Pistols, Public Enemy


Forming in March 2006 The Lowdown quickly developed a unique groove based sound that combines the rhythmic rhyme style vocals of hip hop with musical genres such as reggae, blues, funk, jazz and rock. The band's members encompass a wide range of influences and ideas which when fused together form a cohesive yet original sound. This originality extends also to the group's lyrical content which eschews the posturing and machismo which is so prevalent amongst hip hop lyricists. Instead vocalists Dom and Chris swing between deeply personal outpouring and socio-political observation and comment, inspiring deep thought and rocking the party at the same time. The Lowdown started gigging in December 2006 and have since performed with some of the top acts from the Australian music scene including; True Live, Astronomy Class, Mista Savona, The Winnie Coopers, Illzilla, SS Pecker, Live@Subs, Halfkast, Grassroots Street Orchestra and The Cool Calm Collective. The band gigs regularly around Brisbane and the Gold Coast and has managed to inject a new style and sound into its hometown's music scene in Toowoomba. They have played numerous energetic and enthusiastically received shows at the esteemed Ric's in Brisbane and are looking to broaden their net with tours of Melbourne and Sydney towards the end of 2007 or the beginning of 2008. The group also managed to land a spot on the highly praised inaugural Roots Rap Reggae festival held at the Globe Theatre in Brisbane, receiving an incredibly enthusiastic response from the sold out crowd. The Lowdown released their self titled 6 track EP in May 2007. The group has since been nominated for a Qsong Qmusic award in the hip hop category for their song Backside.