Artist info


Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Lior, sarah blasko, Josh Pyke

band members

Lucas William - guitar vocals, Jem Savage- bass, guitar, saxophone, flute, piano, organ Dave Bennett- drums Joel Taylor - violin Katie Harder- Vocals, bass, guitar Kim Porter- pecussion, vocals Bonnie Edwards- vocals, guitar


Simon and Garfunkel, Leonard Coen, the moody blues


Lucas William is not your usual barefoot, banjo wielding folkster. Hailing from the rugged and windswept west coast of Victoria, Lucas could be described as a resident of the old world at heart - a place where things took time to grow, people loved telling stories and where folk just had all the time in the world. These days Lucas spends most of his time taking Polaroid pictures of lighthouses and marvelling at the Kuta boats that sail along the south channel, capained by old sailors with lifetimes spent at sea. His love for composing music was born centuries before in a far away land (according to his grandmother who is obstinate the family are direct descendants of scottish poet Robbie Burn). Its all hearsay to Lucas; he believes he has his experiences and his parents to thank for the music he writes, rather than distant genealogical links to genius. As a boy Lucas’ parents fed him a stable diet of The Moody Blues, Simon and Garfunkel, The Birds and Fred Astaire. The old gramophone was always singing and Lucas would sing along. It was a charmed childhood, perched in a house upon a hillside by the sea, who could have asked for more? In his travels over mountains and across oceans‚ Lucas has acquired quite an unlikely bunch of troubadours with whom he has formed a band. Together, they are known as ‘Lucas William and The Deep Blue Sea’. Recently they spent time in an old boat shed documenting Lucas’ tales of love left on far away shores and memories of the happy times of his youth. The songs ‘Polaroid’ and ‘In The Town Where I Was Born’ have been shared to the clinks of many schooners in the late watches of the night; now they are yours to sing along to also. Who knows… just like that of the poet Robbie Burn, it may be one of Lucas’ shanties that is sung each new years eve but that’s of no consequence to Lucas - he just hopes you enjoy them. ‘Polaroid’ and ‘In the town where I was born’ were written by Lucas William, performed by Lucas, Dave Bennett and Jem Savage (along with other members of the Deep Blue Sea and produced by Lucas and Jem Savage. Dave’s drums were recorded and engineered by Jem in the Jean Eeals Pavillion (which is an indoor basketball stadium in the Dandenong Ranges). Additional tracking was done at Rare Jem Studio, and in a dusty cattle shed out the back of Torquay. Lucas has been a resident of Torquay and the Surf Coast for most of his life, and is very grateful for the support of it’s diverse and talented musical community. Thanks for taking the time to listen.