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Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

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Lucky Jackson - Singer/songwriter/guitarist


Elvis Presley, the beatles, John Lennon


Lucky Jackson was born in ADELAIDE, South Australia in 1961. Learning to play the guitar late in life, he began writing songs after his very first informal lesson because he wasn’t enthusiastic enough to practice. In the 80’s, Lucky was managing a garage band that rarely did gigs called ‘the Dregz’, whom also backed him up on early demo’s such as ‘The Real’ and ‘Crime of passion’, before that group disbanded and he decided to concentrate on his own developing music career. His stage name came from his childhood idol Elvis Presley who played Lucky Jackson in the MGM masterpiece Viva Las Vegas in 1964 with Ann-Margaret. His physical resemblance to the king of Rock’n’Roll didn’t help at all because they don’t look anything alike. His first disc called Tangerine Sky, a Christian themed e.p, was recorded between 1996 and 1998 when it was finally produced and sold well in his local area. Lucky Jackson is a prolific songwriter who at the moment writes and records a song a week and is very fast becoming a notable artist penning his own tunes and performing locally to sell-out crowds. Michael Warren, founder of the label called MAI-SONGS MUSIC (which was set up to release good demo recordings of good indie music with a slant to the fresh as an answer to the common slick commercialism that seems to dominate the charts), came across Lucky Jackson busking on the streets of Adelaide where he was playing only original music and was immediately struck by his lack of slick commercial style for the more individual raw approach. His sense of poetry was also very noticeable and added to the unique quality that is Lucky Jackson. He is currently recording in his own studio for the MAI-SONGS MUSIC (pronounced my songs music) label and although he doesn’t perform live at the moment choosing to promote online via his own website, is working on the follow up to his current release called ‘Lonely road ahead’. His new release due out very soon is called 'Subliminal Poet', 3 tracks of which are available to be heard on Triple J unearthed site. Support local talent!