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band members

Luke Watt - Guitar Vocals, Danny McKenna - Drums, Tom Morgan - Double Bass


Derrin Nauendorf, Chris Whitley, Bob Dylan

Unearthed artists we like

The Little Stevies


Inspired equally by the rare poetic genius of Chris Whitley, the joy in a killer guitar tone and the lessons to be learnt in a mistake, Luke Watt’s music speaks honestly and unpretentiously to lovers of contemporary blues/folk. His song writing is personal and emotive, whilst still focussed primarily on a solid groove, melody and the belief that there’s nothing wrong with the odd sustained 7th! Luke’s debut album (released 2009) is a collection of blues grooves, folk melodies and slide subtleties, produced splendidly by Nick Huggins (Producer of Whitley’s “Submarine”) and includes the voices of friends such as Jordie Lane and The Little Stevies. Having moved beyond the desire to play fast guitar for guitars sake, Luke has created a record devoted to the portrayal of solid live performances and measured arrangements.