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Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

New Order, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode

band members

Ant Banister-vocals, Albert Martinez-keys, Pete Davies-guitar synth, Mel Grogan-keys and Morph-visuals/bass


Gary Numan, John Foxx, Heaven 17


LUNAR MODULE BIO 2012 Lunar Module is, Ant Banister, Peter Davies, Mel Grogan and Grant Muir (Morph). Lunar Module started initially as a duo with Ant and Saman Jebeli-Javan in 2001 playing hard house and electro. Saman has since left the project to concentrate on his banking career. In mid 2003 Ant decided to go with his passion and start writing song based electronica with live vocals and classic 80’s electro influences. In 2004 Albert Martinez joined Ant, bringing his own songwriting and vocal skills on board as well as his considerable production talents. In early 2010 LM were joined by Mel Grogan on keys. Mid 2010 saw Albert Martinez move to Melbourne and leave the band. Alberts move saw Peter Davies moved from the drums to Synth-guitar and backing vocals and Morph automate a lot of his video and start to play bass guitar. In 2009 LM released an 8 track remix single through CD Baby and The Orchard. It can be found at www.cdbaby/cd/lunarmodule. In june 2010 LM released a 7 track EP through Clan Analogue. 2010 saw LM play a lot more high profile shows, such as the Under The Blue Moon festival,The Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne and regular shows at The Excelsior, and The Red Rattler. Audiences commented on the new mature and more live sound. LM produced two video clips for “Illusionary” and “I Want To Be on TV” with Lachlan Peterson ( formerly with SBS television) that can be found on You Tube. In 2011 Ant shut down Lunar Module for a few months to write a new live show, this time actively collaborating with the band members in song writing. The result is a more modern sound, with a heavy dance floor focus. Starting mid 2011 Lunar Module started play less often to larger crowds for instance, supporting US band Assemblage 23. 2012 sees LM hit new heights of professionalism and polish, aiming to get on some festival stages ASAP. Singer/songwriter/producer Ant Banister has been involved in Australian Electronic music since 1985. Ant has worked behind the scenes with such bands as The Mark of Cain, Boxcar and Severed Heads. His previous acts include 90’s hardcore freaks Nanotech, the enigmatic Eidolon (also with Alberto Martinez) and in 1999 he released the critically acclaimed album Chai.4.2 with DJ Marty B in The Flow. Ant was one of the founding members of the label and electronic arts collective Clan Analogue. He is now the President, Sydney label rep and mastering engineer and has been the exec producer of a number of excellent Clan Analogue compilations. He continues to produce and mentor young musicians in songwriting and production Morphs move to add bass guitar to his live show has improved the live sound and presence of Lunar Module. After 10 years of producing visuals for top flight DJs and artists as a gun for hire, Morph found a home in Lunar Module. Being a performer in the most visual sense in both stage presence and function he creates environments and completes the Lunar Module experience with his innovative graphics and physical performance style. As a musician and DJ himself in previous lives, he brings an energy to the stage that translates to visuals in a way that punches through the barrier of stage and crowd. Having worked along side artists from Public Enemy to The KLF, Justice to KMFDM and more international DJs than you can name, Morph's talents are in demand not only locally but internationally, with a solo VJ tour of Europe in August '08 including a performance & lecture the prestigious Bauhaus school of design, with subsequent shows in Japan and again in Europe in 2009 and 2010. Peter Davies interest and skill in working with electronic drums and percussion led to being part of the live show for Lunar Module where he made extensive use of a Simmons kit and other electronics to augment their already highly polished and energetic performances. In 2010 Peter moved to playing Synth-guitar and backing vocals to help fill the void left by Alberts departure from Sydney. Peter started playing music specifically drums at the age of 10 and by age 17 had done his first professional gig, with a band known as the Dazy Chains. The band played many shows and received considerable airplay on JJJ as well as working with producer Paul McKercher. Producing demos for friends’ bands led to the formation of PVC – an experimental electronic/sampling based outfit. PVC gained a popular live reputation and supported acts such as the Severed Heads, the Lab, and Insurge, and released a 5 track E.P. In 1995 Pillpopper had disbanded but not before Paul Mac got hold of one of their recordings and remixed it. This remix led to the release of a human League cover ‘Love Action’ under the name PVC. His latest band, ‘Techromance’, has released a new album, which Peter produced and wrote many of the songs for. He has just completed his music degree and will be working as a teacher in Sydney. Mel Grogan joined LM in early 2010 to replace Albert on keys. 2011 sees Mel guesting on lead vocals and actively working with Ant in the studio. Mel has brought with her an innate understanding of electronic music. Also known as DJ Tigerlilly, Mel has a massive collection of Oz Electronic music and has her own radio show on 2RRR. Mel moved to Sydney via Melbourne from Perth where she was active in the underground music scene there for many years. Alberto Martinez is best known as the main talent behind Neuropa with 6 full length albums: New Faith 1997, Sins of the Heart 1999, Alternate Faith 2000, Beyond Here & Now 2002, Born 2004, & The Blitz 2007, Remixes for: Psyche, Frozen Plasma, Iris, Echoing Green Main support for Apoptygma Australian Tour 2007 Live keyboards and vocals for Covenant Australian Tour 2008 His successful side project: Junk Circuit featured a solo album Universal Republic in 2006. Tracks from this album appear on hugely popular Sony PSP console game by Konami Industries DDR Ultramix 1, 2 & now soon to be released V3. For more info, pics, video and music go to Facebook and and you can find even more on Reverb Nation amd Youtube



21 Nov 2011


I'm diggin ...

I'm diggin the early ninties vibe of this track with the distinctly australian sounding vocals - cool! nice guitar work too. look forward to hearing more.

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JB Germany

14 Nov 2011


The rhythmn sect...

The rhythmn section and strings are early 80's Electro. That's not too bad, alongside with intense vocals. Pretty brill tune.

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