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Sounds like

Smashing Pumpkins, Queens Of The Stone Age, Deftones

band members

Adam Dawe Frank Abernethy Greg Dickson Tim Kirkwood


Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Shihad


Lunar Seasons are an atmospheric rock band who hail from Brisbane, Australia. Their sound combines elements of grunge, post punk and modern hard rock into its own unique beast. The band have recently released new EP "The Devil's Road", which is available via iTunes and Spotify, or in physical form at the bands shows. Here are some quotes from recent live and recorded reviews: "The guitar melody throughout every song was an epic sensory journey for my ears, and each song was a different adventure. At times, it really felt to me like they were an instrumental band that just happened to have a great singer rock up on the day." - Ryan Langmaid (Candy Shop TV) "Experiencing Lunar Seasons live will be time you will never regret spending. It is obvious that these guys take great care to craft their sound as opposed to just playing music. Catch them playing soon in a crater near by - you’d be a lunatic to miss them." - Janelle Hedlefs (4ZZZ) "Lunar Seasons return to the stage with a polished and tight set. They are a hard working band, and from how much the crowd were enjoying themselves, it's starting to pay off." - Thomas Oliver (Something From The Scene) "Lunar Seasons Self-Titled exhibits an array of artillery headed by killer guitar solos and haunting vocals!" - (Be Heard of)