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Indie, Punk

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Calum Newton - Vocals, Guitar James Whitfield - Drums Bryce Wilson - Bass


sonic youth, The Sonics


Lunatics On Pogosticks are a trio of teen Aussie rapscallions that have been squeezing out some tasty tunes since gestation. With the firelickin' Calum Newton shootin' out electro orgasms on G-tar/Vocs, the impenetrable James Whitfield gettin' dumb on the drums and Bryce Wilson making bass guitar popular since 95. Delicious Lo-Fi garage pop-noise alt stylings are the name of the game. More FREE music here ---> Real rad people who have said real nice things: So Lo-Fi Music Lolipop Records Eighteen Records NOISESAND Sincerely, California AdamNOTeve Deaf Ambitions Bleed Your Ears Beer On My Boat Shoes Centuries Space Rock Mountain 今日見つけたアーティスト A-Lista uke 48 & 49 Very Tiny Songs iamtheleastmachiavellian SKOGSGOSPEL Skeleton Jamboree The JangleDrop Gypsy Death And You.

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Indie, Punk ( sonic youth, The Sonics, Fun, ...)

Played on triple j
North Coast, NSW

a trio of teen Aussie rapscallions that have been squeezing out some tasty tunes since gestatio...

Blood Clot (triple j mix)

Mature content
Played on triple j

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Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

10 Apr 2014

Triple J

The LOP boys are...

The LOP boys are back and they've lost none of their brash energy since leaving school. I was singing it by the end of my first listen, uh huh.

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Review of Blood Clot (triple j mix) by LUNATICS ON POGOSTICKS. Claire Rio...

24 Mar 2014

Triple J


Reviewed by Tom Ballard Tom Ballard

27 Aug 2013

Triple J

Surprise surpris...

Surprise surprise, I also really like this. Fun, catchy power pop punk, reminiscent of Kisschasy but still very much LOP. Congrats guys!

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