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Sounds like

Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, Oh Land

band members

Danielle Lamb - vocals Luke Dal Santo - piano


Adele, Moloko, Dinah Washington


A lush landscape is painted through richly descriptive story telling. A make believe space of synths and strings where Lamb's voice soars and smokes it its way around a forest of electronic beats. Her jazz influences have given her a mature sound with phrasing that is controlled yet free in it's assured confidence, a sense of knowledge and experience- reinforced by well thought out song writing. Dal Santo's production sits somewhere amongst a menagerie of -sound design, pop licks, jazz instrumentation, and string arrangement. Every track is distinctively original yet unforgettably catchy. The record is reminiscent of early Goldfrapp in the ambience spaces it exists, influenced also by massive attack in the electronic production, Tori Amoss and Roisin Murphy are slight influences that can be heard in Lamb's voice through her phrasing, melodies and tone. This is adult lounge electronica to take you out of your everyday life and deep into the land of LUNIA. Do you believe?