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City and colour, Ed Sheeran, The Spill Canvas

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Ryan McEwan


City and colour, The Spill Canvas, Ed Sheeran

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Ambitions, Emerson Snowe


Lust For Words is Ryan McEwan; Ryan McEwan is Lust For Words, a one-man outfit from Brisbane, Australia. What began as a side project in 2011 has now become it’s own rolling train with a bunch of gathering support from friends, family and fellow artists. Lust For Words is a mash up of Lo-Fi, Alternative Pop with Ambient flavours that can just take you away in a second. It’s a notion of simple music, combined with thoughtful lyrics that brings Lust For Words out of the roots of any genre and really makes it it’s own animal. It’s more so a vibe and groove that can just shoot you away into this new, exciting place any time you feel like being lost in your own head. The bottled up thoughts in Ryan McEwan’s head bring out this wonderful array of colours and sounds in his music and you can really get a chance to see what is going on in the most interpersonal parts of his character. The heavy reverb and distant, stringy guitars make a sweet combination that makes you dance and sing along with your friends in your living room at 3am. It’s that kind of ‘let it all go’ type of groovy. Ryan has spent a little over a year now writing, recording and making his own EP titled ‘Knuckles’. The entire thing was completely independently made and is a true testament to the indie musician. The drums were recorded in a friends shed, the guitars and vocals were recorded in a kitchen, bedroom and outdoor spaces. The whole thing was mashed over a million spaces and vibes and recorded in 2 separate countries. The entire project was funded souly out of pocket change and love which meant Ryan did literally everything on this album apart from playing drums on a few tracks. And the best part about all of it is that it’s 100% FREE. Knuckles has received a very warm welcome by fans and supporters of Lust For Words by making headway on Bandcamp, Triple J Unearthed, YouTube and Facebook. In the first week of release it rocketed to the top page of sales for Bandcamp in both it’s genre and all categories. A true show that with support, friends and good music, anything is possible. Lust For Words is currently based out of Toronto, Canada and will be announcing North American tour dates in the coming future. For now you can check out the music and pages of Lust For Words over here. . .