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Ash Dilorenzo on vocals/guitar/harmonica Richard Bray on bass guitar/stomp box Roland Kretschmer on guitar


The Lyman Debut (formerly The Mutley Band ), formed in early 2000 as a three piece. It was in this format that they played their first gig at the popular St. Andrews Hotel, secured with the assistance of the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society. Playing throughout Melbourne and Victoria they continue to build on their blues/jazz sound and explore the roots of the music that they admire. They strive via the use of electric and acoustic instruments to find the dynamic sound and energy that the blues needs. Many of their influences are of the Delta blues origin, but as their own personal tastes vary, the music comes across with some slight jazz grooves, as well as some deeper, dirtier electric moments that reach into a rock territory without assailing the audience with volume. Finalists in the 2006 MBAS Blues Performer of the Year and outright winner in heat 2 of the competition, The Lyman Debut are becoming a household name with performers and blues fans alike.