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Remember Your Training



Lyon Apprentice turns places and people into sounds. From creaky, howling folk dirges to sparkling dream-pop ballads, the Melbourne-based duo distils recollections of past homes, old friends and lost loves into a back catalogue of songs that is instantly relatable. Growing up in the sweltering bushland of Northern Queensland, brothers Adam & Nathan Lyons learnt piano from a young age and relocated to the glittering shores of the Gold Coast during their high school years. They have since settled in Melbourne, after returning from a two-year stint in Manchester, UK.

Following a series of life changing and tragic events, the brothers began writing acoustic tracks initially as a side project to their other band, FAIRCHILD. They took these 15 demos to Big Sister Studios in Cairns to work with producer Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise) in 2013. This two week recording session became LA’s debut EP, Be Honest, Be Wild, Be Free, mixed by Catherine Marks (The Wombats, St Vincent, Manchester Orchestra) in London.

After scoring opening slots for Cub Sport, Big Scary & Bear's Den, LA released their first single ‘Beautiful Thought’ and momentum continued with follow-up tracks, 'I Will Find You' and 'Be Careful'. This resulted in airplay on Triple J, attention from online tastemakers and international showcases at Canadian Music Week & Music Matters in Singapore. Their debut EP was independently released in April 2014, where they continued to work on other projects with various artists.

In early 2016, LA recorded 'Alice'—a tribute to their longtime friend and the husband she lost. The track was produced & mixed by Adam in their Manchester home studio and saw them shuffling off their folk roots and embracing synth-driven, percussive production. Playing rare shows during their time in the UK, they supported the Alvarez Kings, Causes & performed at Dot 2 Dot Festival.

In the final month of their UK tenure, LA returned to the studio to write and record new material. These songs are woven from memory and experience, the summation of two chaotic years spent in the motherland. Their new single ‘Starlight’ was mixed by Peter Katis (The National, Gang of Youths) and shows a new, more playful, side of the duo. With breezy vocals, tight production and an effortless hook, this track sees LA breaking new ground and looking away from the past and into the future.


Review by Jasonheath Jasonheath

08 Feb 2018


My ears are enjoying these vocals! Loving what I'm hearing

My ears are enjoying these vocals! Loving what I'm hearing