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Hip Hop

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Bliss N Eso, Hilltop Hoods, 360, Rakim

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Lyrical Assassin | Melbourne Hip Hop | Australian Hip Hop | Rap Music | Various Production Credits including Rob Shaker, LSD, Kayboku, Sinima, Allrounda, Tunna and more.


Rakim, De La Soul, Eminem, Ice Cube


Underground lyricist known as Lyrical Assassin was born in the UK and moved to Perth at 10 where he discovered 2pac, Wu Tang, Rakim, Biggie, Beatnutz and more. He started writing his own lyrics after hearing Downsyde, the WA legends that put Perth on the map.

His teenage years were spent sculpting his craft and improving his skills as a a battle rapper and competed in local freestyle competitions as well as a national Channel V contest. Lyrical Assassin now resides in Melbourne where he keeps writing and recording a mixture of dark, deep lyrical tracks and bouncey tracks packed with humour, punchlines and a mixture of flows and wordplay to keep each track unique and fresh.

With tracks like "Hip Hop is Dead" and "100 Dead Rappers", he competitive energy his hard to dismiss. The classic "True Story" produced by Sinima Beatz, remains a classic and a music video was filmed in Chiang Mai in 2015.

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