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Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Karnivool, COG, Polaris, Dead Letter Circus, Evanesence, Lacuna Coil,

band members

Nigel Jackson - Vocals Danielle Teychenne - Vocals Sean O'Grady - Guitar Jarrah Bathe - Guitar Alicia Richards - Bass Adam Zaffarese - Drums


music is life



Established in 2018, with the shared vision to explore themes of self awareness, consciousness, alternate states of mind and artificial intelligence- underscored by political and corporate motivations; M0DAL1TY is a 6 piece progressive hard rock/metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Featuring Sean O'Grady and Jarrah Bathe on guitars, with Alicia Richards on bass. Joining them is vocalist Nigel Jackson and drummer Adam Zaffarese (previously of Branch Arterial), alongside Hedron's front woman Danielle Teychenne. Featuring not only two lead singers, but two women - a rare, but welcomed occurence in the heavy music world. This group of seasoned musicians have a wealth of experience and passion for their craft, that is strengthened by their beliefs and the messages that their songs convey. Featuring soaring vocals, intricate guitar riffs, complex time signatures and thoughtful lyrics that are sure to affect emotion from any listener; M0dal1ty weave a number of diverse approaches, birthing a new sound into the complex and intricate world of prog. Their debut EP entitled Sequence, recorded and produced by none other than Clint Vincent of Dead Letter Circus will be released in December 2018. If you are a fan of hard rock, djent or progressive genres then you'll instantly appreciate the powerful and uplifting sonic qualities of M0DAL1TY.