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Indie, Metal, Pop, Punk, Rock

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Bryn Chapman Parish



Mac the knife were born out of the firey depths of an inner west garage in 2015. They consist of Curtis Van Haasteren (Guitar), Ari Tuaine (Guitar), Bryn Chapman Parish (Vox)
Jonny Sandstrom (Drums) and James Cripps/Dylan Sheehan (Bass). They aim to make music which stirs, rouses, and gets the blood boilling up in your belly. Their lyrics range from tales of trips so bad the walls started melting, to ballads about drowning in toxic relations.
"With a shredding guitar to accompany him, lead singer Bryn paraded through the crowd, intensely starring into the hearts and souls of their Newtown audience. Standing on the bar, the passion in his singing translated to the audience, who went nothing short of mental."
- Nick McDonald, Backyard Opera