Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

blur, The Jam, Dead Kennedys

band members

Estefan Drugos - Bass, Ex Rental - Drums, Walter - Guitar, Chris Chinchilla - Guitar/Vocals


The Jam, The Specials

Unearthed artists we like

The Raylenes


Over the first two months of their existence Macaca Mulatta have squeezed in an inordinate amount of gigs all over Melbourne, honing a vibrant and intense set of songs that will form their debut album being recorded in September. In the meantime the band have produced a live CD of a raucous set from the infamous Tote. A limited run of budget CD’s available from the band’s website and gigs to fill the gap… Macaca Mulatta is fiercely Independent, DIY, full of passion and energy for what they do, It’s music with excitement, with something to say and the guts to say it, music that gets the audience moving, dancing, shouting along and sweat dripping from the walls. Drawing together a wide variety of influences, the band posses a raw sound, a mixture of raucous calls to arms and slower, dark, brooding epics. The UK line up of Macaca Mulatta (consisting of Chris Chinchilla, Jim Rhesus, Arran Lovechild and Dan Lobster) rapidly formed several months after Chris Chinchilla left infamous Indie-stars, ‘Art Brut’ and London Punks, ‘Rhesus’ imploded. Initially cobbled together to support ‘The Rakes’ at a secret gig, the band speedily developed, playing dates all over the UK and further afield including New York City. ‘Prime Evil demos’ was the bands first demo, recorded half in a dark, dank and dreary old distillery in Deptford with electricity borrowed from the car wash opposite, and half in a front room in Brixton, engineered and produced by the band and infamous Les ‘Fruitbat’ Carter of 90’s superstars ‘Carter USM’. We’ve done all this so far with little or no help, no major press coverage, no money and no celebrity fans, just pure hard work and a love of our music. It’s been a struggle, we hope you enjoy our music, please let us know if you do, we play anywhere and any time, so get in touch.