Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Feist, Claire Bowditch, Laura Marling

band members

Madeleine Paige - vocals/guitar/keyboards, Chloe Turner - harmonies, Dane Pollock - lead guitar, various friends on bass and drumkit.


Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Van Morrison


“she has the uncanny ability to outperform herself with each track” – Time Off “captivating, not only for her instrumentation and lyrical qualities, but mostly for Madeleine’s magnificent voice” – Australian Musician Magazine Turn off your phone and get out of town Away from the chaos and deafening sound And when all is peaceful and darkness falls You’ll hear The Voice Behind The Noise This is the concept behind Madeleine Paige’s stunning sophomore EP “The Voice Behind The Noise”. In October last year, on a friend’s recommendation, Madeleine left behind the daily grind and spent some time alone in a cabin in the wilderness and her creativity flourished. Through these visits to the idyllic Mullumbimby countryside, the songs on this glorious EP were born. Uninspired by the sterile nature of traditional recording studios, Madeleine gathered her very talented friends and headed into the comfortable home studio of Matt Redlich (Hungry Kids Of Hungary). The EP was recorded over a weekend, with everyone playing live together, without any click track or headphones, to capture the energy that you feel when great musicians get in a room and jam it out. Everything on the EP, from musicians to production to art and photography, is done by Madeleine’s friends. This not only fosters a special artistic community in Brisbane, but also ensures that everyone understands her and what she’s trying to achieve. The Voice Behind The Noise is an artistic coming of age for Madeleine. The pretty simplicity of her debut EP “Angels In The Architecture” was a fine introduction and critically acclaimed (single of the week in various street press, and national airplay on Triple J, ABC and community radio); but there’s a certain diversity, complexity and depth of meaning in this latest work. Her upcoming The Voice Behind The Noise Tour will see Madeleine and band playing regional Queensland venues and East Coast capitals. Her live show is impressive, with audiences instantly captivated by Madeleine’s golden voice and mix of playful indie pop and divine lullabies. The Voice Behind The Noise will be released through MGM in May ‘09 in will be available in all retailers, with the iTunes version having a special bonus ambient remix by acclaimed Sydney artist Daniel R Muller.