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Roots, Indie

Sounds like

Ben Folds Five, The Whitlams

band members

Evan Clements: Vocals, Guitar, Trombone Shane Cole: Bass Martin DeMarte: Guitar, Vocals, Violin Brendan Donahoo: Piano, Keys, Vocals, Accordian, Harmonica Byron Hill: Drums, Percussion Kathryn Cooper: Trombone Emily Furlong: Trombone Andrew Carter: Saxophones


Bob Dylan, The Beatles


The Madeline Streets are an acoustic driven folk, roots and groove band. The broad influences of this dynamic group produce a melting pot of sounds reflected in the range of skills and styles presented on stage. This mob of multi instrumentalists deliver an extravaganza that shares their ecclectic mix of story telling folk with upbeat swing and everything in between. The Madeline Streets Story: I was 19 when I met Shane. It was 1997 and he was playing a gig at a pub in Mt. Beauty in country Victoria and with his bright red hair and funky bass stylings, he was difficult not to notice. Over a few drinks and a game of pool, an idea for a new band was well and truly hatched. About 2 months later Shane and I saw Marty playing guitar in an acoustic duo, playing original songs that really impressed us. I figured that luring Marty into our non-existent band would be almost impossible, particularly as neither of us really knew him. Shane and I decided that we would make our play by getting Marty as drunk as possible and surreptitiously dropping our band idea into the conversation. Over several games of pool and a long pub crawl, Shane managed to persuade him. Marty woke up the next day with a sore head and a new responsibility. And then there were 3. We gigged around Melbourne for a couple of years, playing mainly Blues and Funk originals, before Marty got married and settled in Brisbane and Ben decided it was time to head off to Europe for a while. During this time Shane would often bring in his best mate Arney to sit in with us on sax. Now that I think of it, Arney never got paid in two years, so I must remember to buy him a drink sometime. Or a packet of burger rings. Something anyway. Late that year Shane and I met Byron, in Leongatha and he would prove to be a great drummer and keen to start playing some music in Melbourne. In 2001 Shane and I began to play a few gigs at the Barleycorn Hotel under the name ‘3 parts cut' and really enjoyed the experience of playing again. Best of all, we had aquired a folk/jazz piano player, Brendan. After three years of travel and shenanigans we are at last all back in Melbourne at the same time and so, together with Emily Furlong and Kathryn Cooper on Trombones and Andrew Carter on sax we are an 8 piece acoustic roots group who are playing at a pub near you (as long as you live in Melbourne). We all currently live together in an enormous oxygen tank.