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Sarah Collyer - Voice, songwriting Shane Calderbank - Keys Sharne Andrews - Guitars Sonic Edwards - Bass Glen Baker/Paul Bain - Drums



Some musicians wallow in the sadness of heartbreak. Others take to it with a flaming mace. Welcome to the world of The Madistones, a feisty new five-piece Brisbane band who never let a messy breakup go to waste.
The Madistones fuse fiery female vocals and gospel-like harmonies with elements of rock, blues and soul: wailing guitar, bluesy keys, pounding drums, throbbing bass and brutally honest vocals will make you wish your life was this dramatic.

The Madistones is the bold new project of Sarah Collyer, renowned around Brisbane for her smouldering jazz vocals. Teaming up with musical fire starters Shane Calderbank (keys), Sharne Andrews (guitar), Sonic Edwards (bass) and Glen Baker/Paul Bain (drums), the Madistones fuse superb musicianship, raw chemistry, and a wealth of weird and wonderful performance experiences including: wearing completely see-through-under-lights clothing on stage and getting mobbed by crazy punters who want to stick their tongue in your ear or the whole microphone in their mouth.

The Madistones’ debut single Big Time, was recorded in Brisbane, with Landings’ Liam Quinn and mixed by Aria-award winning Brisbane producer Magoo.