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Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

band members

Jamie Fonssbach - All music and most vocals. Tess Delphin - Vocals sometimes


The Maestro Jay can't really be labled as "confined to one genre". You will notice this when you listen to the tunes.There are alot of complex undertones through the music that can easily become addictive.
The Maestro Jay is based in the central west of nsw australia
The album "sly nel's pen" was released in april 2010 featuring songs such as "Alone", "Bcoz i Love U" and "Summer Love". .
In 2011 The maestro Jay released an ep tittled "Uncomfortable (A Dog Act)" that includes the songs "Mysteria" and "dearest You".
In may of 2017 came the second ep tittled "Trumplit" featuring " In The Rain" and "The Birdsong"
Take a listen to the chillaxing Tunes.......