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Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Queens Of The Stone Age, The Police, Nick Cave, QOTSA, The Doors

band members

Arne Heeres - Guitar and vocals Lucius Borich - Drums Blake Cateris - Bass


Soundgarden, RHCP, Kyuss, Nirvana, The Mars Volta

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A Basket Of Mammoths




Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

16 Dec

Frankie's Piz...

Sydney, 2000




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"Listening to this album make me feel strange. Grungy and primal in some places, tickling the blood as it goes in, tracing through the veins.

Equally as anxiety-inducing as it is relieving, the mixture of results is a ultra satisfying wave rolling out and over the listener. Especially in the beginning.

There’s no room to move when the listener doesn’t know what’s coming next, paralysis invades the system like a lucid dream, wanting to move but having only the inside of ones head to stretch out in.

No need to fight it, there is no harm in sinking into the almost unnatural feels generated by this music. Touch the musical space as it begins to expand and assimilate. Sink into I, there’s more room in here than it seems." (SP) - Sarah Pritchard - Live Wire

Back in the days when it was actually an issue, pity the record shop clerk who would have to categorise the debut release from this Sydney three-piece. There are multiple elements of rock (including prog, goth, grunge and psychedelic) all thrown in here, very often within the same track. The fact that many songs were clearly cobbled together from odds and ends is not something they even try to hide but actually revel in. It makes for an unsettling listen as you can never fully work them out. In something of a band mash up, Non-Activity-Negativity-Not-A-Tivity has a touch of INXS groove, Tailgator is reminiscent of the raw rock passion of early Silverchair, while Hwy is full of the sort of dark brooding tones Nick Cave thought he'd made all his own. Or at least that applies to a portion of those songs before they rush off somewhere else. The band clearly likes to tease and with terrific self-confidence in their undoubted abilities the approach does create a lively anxiousness within their music. Whether the constant deviations annoy or excite you will determine just how much you enjoy the record. The unfettered disregard for genre conformity is admirable nonetheless. - Paul Smith / The Sydney Morning Herald

...the “oddly timed stoner jazz rock with a dash of goth” (as their Facebook page so perfectly describes them) trio have made a name for themselves with a sound unlike any other – numbing hooks tied with groovy basslines, jam-worthy riffs and a voice so goddamn powerful the US are using it to overthrow Russia." - Blunt Magazine

"Magnus means “the great” in Latin or “powerhouse” in old Norwegian, and the Sydney based power-group live up to the expectations of their name with the release of their new single ‘Pandora’." -

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Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

25 Aug 2016

Triple J

This one chugs into shape when the chorus hits. Might take flight a bit more live, perhaps.

This one chugs into shape when the chorus hits. Might take flight a bit more live, perhaps.




Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

28 Jan 2016

Triple J

When the chorus rolls in there's good energy here.

When the chorus rolls in there's good energy here.