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Indie, Pop, Rock

band members

Maia Marsh - Guitar/vocals Monty Richmond - Lead Guitar Matthew Dewar - Bass Tom Wright - Drums



With a new name and a new band, Maia Marsh jumps off from years of experience as an accomplished folk singer-songwriter into a louder, more direct sound. 'So Late' could not be a better single to exemplify this recent evolution. Covered in a foamy lather of chorus-drenched guitars and driven by a new four-piece band providing her most danceable beat to date, 'So Late' is a sonic holiday in shades of canary yellow and rose pink. The sounds rub against blue lyrics of longing to create a poignantly bittersweet work of art. With a reinvented approach to song writing and a generous handful of fresh tracks, Maia Marsh's vision is clearer than ever.