Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Drums, Best Coast, The Black Lips

band members

Tommy Simpson - vocals/guitar, Josh Watt - vocals/guitar, Jordan Quilty - drums, Dave Hutchinson - bass


The Beach Boys, The Modern Lovers, Little Richard


Main beach create songs that evoke memories of a less complicated time – when the surf, girls and the next big party were the only things that mattered.

With descriptions of the music as "Scuzzed-out... Ultimately rejuvinating sonic plaudits" (Killing Moon), sitting comfortably between the beach-surf core aesthetics of The Drums and Pavement, 'Hypo-Lazy' promises to inspire a new wave of jean tearing suburban unrest.

“Sweet and nostalgic lyrics like “We used to stay up all night watching MTV and record all the best bands from overseas” seal the band’s affable charm”. (NME)

“A band driven by nostalgia for simpler times and endless summers, with music that walks the line between sugar-coated and bittersweet” (

“Main Beach is making sound waves, following right in the footsteps on The Beach Boys to Surfer Blood” (

Main Beach released their debut album 'Hypo-Lazy' on 12th September 2014.