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Indie, Rock

band members

Nicko Marie, Zac Potter, Reed Troup, Brandon Stockbridge.



Buncha nutters from Perth.

"MAJUMBA's music sees a diverse range of influences thrown into the mixing pot, resulting in a tantalising sound that could find itself at home in any genre, or, more fittingly; none."
-Pilerats, 2016

We love our friends, we love our mothers, but most of all we love each other.

MAJUMBA translates to big house or home in Swahili; that's what we are, a big house and home. More like an open house, a lot of ideas flow in and out but at the end of the day we're all sitting at our home chilling out together. Some say the connotations of labels have effects in the physical. We hope that's true so that you can all be a part of our home.

Tight as a nun and thick as thieves, MAJUMBA are hard at work on their debut EP.