Artist info


Metal, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Megadeth, Testament, Vektor, Kreator, Black Breath

band members

Tommy Muz - Vocals, Laggy Von Laggy - Guitar, Dalton Quade Wilson - Guitar, Trip Walker - Bass, Pete Robertson - Drums


Exodus, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Goatwhore, Vektor, Black Breath



Since forming in November 2010, Brisbane’s MALAKYTE have forged their own twisted path across the Australian metal landscapes with their passion for dark and uncompromisingly heavy music.

The band made its live debut with newly-enlisted vocalist Tommy Muz on February 22, 2013 opening for US metal titans Anthrax to an extremely enthusiastic crowd response. Following this, the band was given the rare opportunity to perform at the Brisbane Soundwave Festival.

The reputation of their live show turned heads across the country and abroad, and following the release of the quintet's debut full-length album "Human Resonance" in late 2013, MALAKYTE have toured Australia numerous times and shared stages with the likes of KREATOR, SEPULTURA, IRON REAGAN, MUNICIPAL WASTE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and WARBRINGER to name a few, receiving killer reviews for both their recorded output and live performances.

Now back after a brief hiatus, Malakyte are joined by new drummer Pete Robertson and are in the midst of writing their sophomore album. Hungrier for shows than ever before, expect to see them in a town near you soon!

- Malakyte 2016

"Malakyte don’t play like your average support band ... Instead, the five piece play like they should be onstage... which means that the crowd responds with a hell of a lot more than the polite indifference generally afforded to the support band."
- Tom Hersey,

“It’s rare that these days a thrash band grabs my attention, but Malakyte have with their intense assault of thrash!”
- Andy Phelps, The Metal Review (Germany)

“...a hectic quality that shows them pushing on the boundaries of the music…”
- Two Guys Metal Reviews (France)

“...arguably one of the best opening supports from a local band Brisbane has seen.”