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Sounds like

Opeth, Novembers Doom, Celtic Frost

band members

Ian McLean - Guitar/Vocals, Stuart McCarthy - Bass/Vocals, Stuart Henry - Guitar, Karl Freitag - Drums


Devin Townsend, Death, my dying bride

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TUSK (Official)


A four-piece death metal outfit from Mildura, Victoria, with a strong shot of doom on the side. Forming in late 2011, The Maledict aspires to fuse the vicious bombast of modern death metal with the oppressive, funereal bleakness of classic doom juggernauts such as Skepticism and Thergothon.

Throughout 2013 and 2014 The Maledict has become more prolific than ever, with the release of its debut demo album 'Salvation in Yielding' in late 2013 and following up with a slew of live shows in and around the Mildura area.