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Sounds like

Motorhead, Airbourne, Turbonegro

band members

mikey tucker - throat, ben couzens - guitar, pete bell - bass, frank trobbiani - drums


Motorhead, Turbonegro, Black Sabbath

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While self acclaimed as, ‘The most rock n roll, rock n roll band in the History of History’, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH deliver performances that ensure their tongue-in-cheek propaganda is eclipsed by the explosive force of their live shows. Described by one radio presenter as, ‘… impossible not to admire a band that has a sense of humour; that doesn’t take themselves too seriously - yet when it comes to their music, they are hugely serious about the riffage that hits you head on!’ It’s a sound MAMMOTH MAMMOTH call ‘Heavy-murder-fuzz.’ or its effect as. ‘...the type of rock that sometimes kills unicorns’. Despite their taste for abstract descriptions, there is no argument that their dark, heavy and menacing tracks are a bold and indelible signature that underlines their musical preferences. All four figures appear to share a reckless dedication to having the audience witness a band who’s willing to bleed for them. It's built a loyal following and seen their songs feature in film and other third party media. And it’s certainly done them no harm in establishing a strong reputation with stoner, doom and hard-rock enthusiasts.