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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

breakdancing guitar muppets, songwriters, Singers

band members

Simon Pearlman - Guitar, Vox, Keys, drums, percussion, recording and production, swarthy appearance provoking ambivalence of ethnic origins. Stefanos Koroblitsas - Electric Bass, Double Bass, Backing Vox, cheeky but winning grins. Nick Acciarito - Live drumming duties, superior beard.


1960-1970, 1970-1980, 1980-1990, And various other musical decades but those ones were pretty good ones.

Unearthed artists we like

The Narcotics, The Kritzlers, Cochlear Kill



A Man Called Son (AMCS) is, for all intents and purposes, the songwriting project of Simon Pearlman. Conceived in Brisbane (Australia) a while back, Simon set about building his home studio. After a relocation to Melbourne and various lineups over the years (including the odd self-combusting drummer), AMCS's current incarnation is Simon (guitars/vox/keyboards and other instruments), Sam James (Guitars), Thomas Madden (bass) and James Rance (drums/percussion). AMCS spent most of 2015 working on a new album, titled 'No Maps'. The most recent album, 'No Maps' was released in late 2016 and received strong community radio airplay. After some time off writing new songs and the reshuffling of personnel, AMCS began recording new material in 2019. The brand new single 'What We Had' is the first result. It was released in November 2020 and is taken from the forthcoming album 'Time Bombs in the Sea'. The single is out now on For updates, visit


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

20 Apr 2016

Triple J

Just wanted to stop by and say this one's got a very easy-on-the-ears tone.

Just wanted to stop by and say this one's got a very easy-on-the-ears tone.