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Hip Hop

Sounds like

Ill Vibes.

band members

Manaz Chill AKA Manaz Skrill.


Music you can feel as well as hear.


Hailing from Port Lincoln, South Australia, 23 year old Manaz Ill is both an internationally renowned battle MC and an accomplished song writer. Born with a degenerative eye condition which slowly left him blind, Manaz started rapping at high school in 2003, then began recording in 2007 as a part of a crew called Ill Vibes. Having relocated to Adelaide in early 2010, Manaz hit the freestyle battle scene to build his name as a solo MC, clashing with established veterans and taking out first place in multiple competitions locally. Since then he’s gone on to become one of Australia’s most reputable battle MCs, competing on an international level against the likes of Dizaster, Illmaculate and Anecdote, just to mention a few. As well as maintaining an active presents in the battle scene, Manaz has shared stages with international underground legends including the likes of Louis Logic [USA] and Illmaculate [USA] alongside a host of other local heavyweights. A combination of intelligent wordplay and honest emotion, Manaz’s musical versatility spans the spectrum, ranging seamlessly from up tempo anthems and hilarious parity’s to introspective slow jams and everything in between. Now with a steady buzz to his name, Manaz prepares for the upcoming release of his debut EP ‘What It Look Like’. Featuring production from acclaimed Tasmanian producer Mdusu, ‘What It Look Like’ offers the listener an insight into the life of Manaz Ill as well as a glimpse at what they can expect from him in the future. Manaz Ill - ‘What It Look Like’ out soon.