Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Kinks, Gillian Welch, The Band, Blind melon, Meat Puppets, Custard, The Weakerthans, Decemberists, Split enz, Teenage Fanclub, Custard.

band members

Mark Curtis, Michel Hutchison, Jack Moore and Josh White.


The 90's alternative bands (Australian and abroad) 60s British Invasion Bands. Daniel Johnston, Gillian Welch, Split enz, Wilco, Air, John Frusciante, Eddi Reader.


Mark Curtis spent his teens in Adelaide’s blue-collar northern suburbs devouring 60s Brit pop and 90s grunge, before bombing out of high school due to an undiagnosed and obscure learning condition. In a quest for truth, he embarked on an existential odyssey of introspection comprising of monastery meditations and squat house psychedelic jams.
With his new band, The Flannelettes, Mark, a gifted multi-instrumentalist who has played some of Adelaide’s biggest festivals, including WOMAdelaide, Scouted and The Adelaide Fringe, has managed to cram his eclectic life and influences into under 3 minutes of quirk-pop gold on ‘Round Meal’, a track that has shades of 90s Australian indie favourites Custard, Regurgitator, Little Red and Even and lyrical themes similar to Triple J favourites Tiny Little Houses.