Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Temper Trap, Mars Volta, The Getaway Plan

band members

Kiel Van Daal - Drums Travis Wall - Guitar Matt Grosbernd- Bass Blake Galera-Holliss - Vocals

Unearthed artists we like

The Dead Love, Demons To Diamonds, Minus House, Vangate



Marlow have released two singles: ‘I Can Breathe’ in 2011 and ‘Always There’ in 2012, both of which saw the band achieve national air play across the major radio networks of Australia including the Austereo Network (2DayFM, TripleM) and DMG Radio (Nova). The accompanying videos received television airplay nationally through the ABC’s Rage program. Having sold out iconic Sydney venues like The Bald Faced Stag and The Annandale Hotel, Marlow have toured the country with the likes of Closure In Moscow, Sleepmakeswaves and Jericco. Come 2013 via MGM distribution, Marlow have released their successfully crowd funded and highly anticipated EP ‘SEVEN’, spanning 2 years in the making and offering a colourful and robust snapshot of their current sound and ethos. The shades of Marlow’s ever-evolving sound are reflected acutely in the EP opener ‘Oceans’, as waves of sharp staccato swell into a wall of saturated, organ-like guitar sway, as the vocals navigate the landscape seamlessly. The journey continues along the plane of the tribal-electronica ‘Icaro’ the urging heartbeat of ‘Maybe In Time’ and the driven delivery of ‘Silent Safety’. Travis’s hard hitting, atmospheric guitars are layered upon the bed of a ruthless rhythm section that is just as colourful and ever changing as the guitar work that it serves to compliment. Kiel Van Daal is on the drums and Matt Grosbernd is on bass. Together they forge the cornerstone of the bands sound and still provide their own sonic textures that are above and beyond the normal duties of drums and bass. All of this combined, offers the ring in which Blake Galera-Holliss enters, immersed in all of the bands power and beauty like a prize-fighter draped in his robe. Blake’s vocals are soaring and desperate, delivered with the conviction and grace of a freight train. In the live arena, Marlow leave it all on the stage.