Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Sleepmakeswaves, Dumbsaint, Meniscus

band members

Fausto Brusamolino - Bass, Gavin Wildes - Drums, Richard Berndt - Guitar, Richard Salmon - Keys


delay pedals, Distortion Pedals


Marosi di Buriana are an instrumental / experimental / progressive / post-rock band from Sydney. Marosi di Buriana was formed in August 2010 when Fausto (bass) and Gavin (drums) got together in Fausto’s garage. They didn’t stay in the garage long after receiving a letter from the local council for noise complaints. After adding Richard I (guitar) they made their public debut in an organic swap market (!!) In Earlwood in February 2011. The band was initially called "Tuscan Dirt Monkeys Pass Go!", but then nobody was actually able to remember the name of the band, including the band members themselves. After discussing a huge number of possible names, they again came up with something very hard to remember that goes under the name of "Marosi di Buriana". Since that time they've been jamming and writing whenever possible and playing the occasional gig in more usual surrounds like pubs. Richard II (keys) joined in early 2012 and was the final piece in the puzzle, bringing a lush, full sound to the band.
Marosi di Buriana recorded a debut 5 track EP (plus 2 out-takes) entitled ‘Tessitura’ live in the Studio at Grove Studios in November 2012. They recorded their follow-up 6 track EP entitled 'Ostinato' live at their rehearsal space in March 2015.