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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

DMA's, Skegss, Ocean Alley, Fleetwood Mac, Hockey Dad

band members

Mitchell McKee - Vocals & Rhythm Guitar Halley Kelly - Lead Guitar Reuben Lomas - Drums Marcello MacDonald - Bass Guitar


DMA's, Ocean Alley, Fleetwood Mac, Hockey Dad, Skegss

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Late November, Street Sharkzz


Marrow Lane

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29 Feb

James Cook Univers...

North Queensland, 4814

James Cook University



Marrow Lane are a breath of fresh air for indie music in 2020. Formed by lead singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter Mitchell McKee, alongside schoolmates Marco Macdonald (bass and vocals), Reuben Lomas (drums), and Halley Kelly (lead guitar) who McKee met busking on Flinders St in their hometown of Townsville, North Queensland.

Riding along a slew of hot singles, ML released their debut EP 'Time in Motion' on January 17th 2020, and rocked a headline slot for Groovin The Moo's 'Freshly Squeezed' on January 24th.

2019 saw them open for indie royalty San Cisco as part of North Queensland's NAFA fest, win a national song competition via Silverchair and Powderfinger producer Anton Hagop's personal selection, and played the bill of another Groovin' the Moo's 'Freshly Squeezed', as well as a range of other festivals and shows.

Combining a psychedelically tinged stir-fry of distinctive genres such as Rock, Reggae, Indie and Surf-Rock, The Lane embody a sound fresh as it is nostalgic.

“It’s existent of genuine passion and it runs on life’s twists and turns," says McKee. “Marrow Lane is in your head, it’s in your blood, and it’s in your bones." - Emma Jones