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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Psychedelic, Country, Funk, R&B, Soul, Electronic

band members

Marsden Williams: Vocals, Guitar, Organ


The Who, Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Traffic


Marsden Williams is a multi instrumentalist singer / songwriter from Melbourne Australia that has played in many local Melbourne band's but for the last decade he has mostly performed with Marsden Williams & 245-T. Marsden's mainstay is sad Country Blues music but can turn his hand to any rock, blues, country, soul or psychedelic style and can usually do it in the same song.
Not to limit himself to that he also has released a couple of electronic minimal synth records. In 2018 Marsden released his debut album "Modern Rural" to critical acclaim and continues to record and perform in a local and national capacity. He has plans to release an album with his band 245-T "Exile On Lygon St" and a follow up solo LP "Pastoral Casual", and a further solo venture, "All You Could Hold".