Artist info


Rock, Roots



Sounds like

John Buttler

band members

Dean Amato, Adam Round, Tone Bourke, Jaxon Boin, Chris Mackenzie, Harry Harrison.


Mike Patton, Guns & Roses, Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin, Alabama Shakes., Walk off the earth,

Unearthed artists we like

FOAM, the LOST BOYS, Vorsen, Dirty Bare Feet, Old Boy Brown, Anna O



Fremantle based soloist ‘Marto’ is out to make one hell of a statement with his carefully crafted yet ‘full of feel’ debut album 'Roads'. Genuine musical navigation and honest songwriting couldn’t have come more naturally for Dean Amato whose body of work took inspiration from a journey that lasted 12 months and took in 46,000 kilometres around the most regional and remote destinations of Australia in a 1975 VW Kombi. Championing a ‘modern vintage’ sound that often lands between a hybrid of alternative and roots rock, the recording sessions were helmed by Perth engineering guru Adam Round (who when not gravitating to a studio console is ruling FOH for Tame Impala), while multiple nods are awarded to Tone Bourke (Eskimo Joe) who highlights the album’s keys driven tracks. Though it’s Marto’s knack for melody and a will to push some of life's most controversial topics in your face that defines the singer-songwriters intentions and declares ‘Roads’ to be such a colourful listen. Lead single ‘Kill The Lies’ (3:18) embodies this sentiment and looks to carry ‘Marto’ through this summer as soon TBA live dates await for early 2016. 'Marto' is out now via all good digital retailers.