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Indie, Punk, Rock

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Ashleigh Kerley Doug Palmer



Marville's intensely human bare-bones approach has earned them myriad praise across their local scene, with multiple placings in the 4ZZZ Hot 100 and Sonic Masala calling first LP Vayan Con Dios "an album of unabashed tension, atmosphere and slack-jawed nihilism". Crowned winners of the 2017 Billy Thorpe Scholarship at the Queensland Music Awards last March, Marville's second LP Terra Alpha due for release March 30, is a journey through the hot, crushing tension that comes before the quintessential melodramatic Queensland storm.

Produced by Joe Hammond (Courtney Barnett, Jen Cloher, Fraser A. Gorman) at his Pots and Pans studio, Terra Alpha's release will be followed by an East Coast launch tour, with a regional tour across Queensland to be announced. Marville's singularly enthralling, high-decibel live show - previously on display at the Brisbane leg of Gizzfest 2017 and as support for peers Cable Ties and Wet Lips - must be experienced to be fully understood.

The duo recently released new single Thinking Sense. Written "in a shitty share house", Kerley's yawning, powerful vocals parse caustic jabs that are just as often aimed at herself. Propelled by relentlessly dirty, crunchy guitar and Doug Palmer's furious drumming, Thinking Sense has already made fans at community radio (RRR, PBSFM, 4ZZZ & more) and explores the landscape of how humans relate to each other when dignity is removed from the equation, with self-respect quickly following.

"(Kerley and Palmer are) incredibly in tune with one another; feeding off each other's energy with a quality of seasoned professionals... (driven by) Kerley's fierce stage presence, Kim Gordon-esque vocals and incredible guitar work"

"Ash (Kerley) has an approach to noise guitar that is truly virtuosic... (lyrically) at times scathing, wry, introspective or vulnerable, but always truthful"
- Joe Hammond (producer)

“Ash has such a powerful presence on stage that you can be a real spectator without feeling the need to talk to the person next to you. Rock & Roll....whatever you want to call’s grand and alive and well”