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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Laura Marling

band members

Mary Webb - guitar and vocals


Jeff Buckley, Imogen Heap, Radiohead, Björk, Ani Difranco, Elbow



" original music prodigy." - Stereonet 2017

Captivating vocals, catchy, offbeat guitar picking and a swig of poetry, you can see why Mary Webb has been described as "a shining light" in Adelaide's Folk scene.

With familial ties to both Adelaide and Melbourne, Mary has spent much of the past few years travelling between the two, and has built up a solid reputation in these scenes as both performer and songwriter. A strong background in classical and choral music has stood her in good stead, though her music now also suggests Jazz and Folk have been powerful influences. Mary’s songs are thoughtful yet frank, exploring relationships between people and their lovers, friends, family, and themselves, and what it is to be human.

As well as a five-track demo recorded with Australian artist and mentor Pete Murray in 2009, Mary also has a solo album ‘Forest Floor’ and an EP ‘Sketches’ under her belt, and several collaborative releases, including ‘Preloved Folk’, ‘Finding Harold Bloom’, and ‘Counterpoint’. Her music has been chosen for use in promotions such as Grant Burge’s ‘Savour The Sound’, and charity video campaigns by UNIFEM and The Fred Hollows Foundation. She has worked behind the scenes making music for TV ads and mini documentaries including the Jacob’s Creek ‘Open Up’ series with André Agassi, as sound designer for circus shows, and most recently as music director in a community theatre company for adults with intellectual disabilities. The multi-arts performance group she founded, ‘We As Art, We As Artists’ has received considerable acclaim in the Adelaide and Perth Fringe Festivals since its inception in 2011. In 2015 Mary founded ‘SilverWebb Songs’, a business specialising in writing bespoke gift songs.

Mary is soon to release her second studio album, 'Love Like Planets', which was recorded at Snow Ghost Studies in Montana, USA. While her previous releases have been predominantly acoustic, the new album also features an impressive four-piece studio band form Portland. Band mates include Cory Gray (keys, trumpet; appears on records by Decemberists, Mirah), Daniel Hindman (guitar; co-creator of the band Pure Bathing Culture), Brian Wright (drums; Pure Bathing Culture) and Zachary Tillman (bass; Pearly Gate Music, features on records by Fleet Foxes). The album will be released 16th February 2018.