Artist info


Dance, Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Fat Freddy's Drop, Kingfisha, Ozomatli, Cat Empire

band members

Christi Hodgkins Oliver Dear Benjamin Koulloutas Paddy Mcgrath Lester Ben McAtamney Monique Bricknell Andre Bricknell


Fat Freddy's Drop, William Onyeabor, D'Angelo, James Brown


Masco brings a multitude of primarily electronic genres together and reverse engineers them back onto live instruments that are handled with roof raising dexterity and passion. This coupled with one of a kind live painting accompanying each show creates a movement that celebrates all that is sacred in art making: fun, complexity, spontaneity, originality, energy and community.


Danny Kransky

27 Jun 2017


So many times I try to get you out of my head

So many times I try to get you out of my head