Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Stereophonics, Silverchair, matchbox 20

band members

Dylan Frost - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar Jake English - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals Joel Herbert - Bass/Backing Vocals Theo Henry - Drums/Backing Vocals


Daniel Johns, Dave Grohl, David Bowie


MASK is a new young rock band from Sydney's Northern Beaches. Their sound is a fusion of traditional Aussie rock with a modern post-indie feel, incorporating meticulously crafted songs with garage band authenticity. Their strength lies in their youth, energy, talent and their passion to bring back the key pillars of rock: the riff, killer vocals, melody, lyric and driving rhythm. Formed in late 2012, MASK have recorded their debut album 'Seeing Colours' with David Hemming and Gaz. With shades of Foo Fighters and Black Keys, MASK is certainly a band to watch. MASK is Dylan Frost on vocals, Jake English on guitar, Joel Herbert on bass and Theo Henry on drums. Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: