Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

Built to Spill, The Eels, War on Drugs

band members

Ali - Drums, Vocals; Steve - Guitar, Vocals; Josh - Bass, Vocals;


Iron On, neil young, Beasty Boys


Born in the gutter of an iconic brisbane venue in the summer of 2009, Massai have stumbled through the past 4 years unphased by distance or conventional band wisdom. Snatching time between the members' different stints overseas, Massai are content to genuinely enjoy making and playing music. 2013 sees the return of Steve Moloney after a year in Sweden and a slight change in tack for Massai. Recording and releasing singles in their home studio in a warehouse in Brisbane Massai are planning to catalogue their slightly eclectic music and release them all for free online in the coming months. Watch this space.